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Age of Sail Fandom Despatches
despatches  is a newsletter for happenings in the world of Age of Sail fandom.

Fandoms that fall within the bounds of this community include:
  • 18th-19th century naval/seafaring fandoms (eg. Pirates of the Caribbean, Hornblower, Aubrey-Maturin, Temeraire)
  • 18th-19th century military fandoms (eg. Sharpe)
  • 18th-19th century civilian fandoms (eg. Jane Austen, Les Misérables, Garrow's Law, historical RPF) at the discretion of the moderators
Topics which will be reported on include:
  •  Age of Sail fanfic, fanart, fanvids, and other creative endeavours
  •  Relevant fannish meta and discussions
  •  Community news and challenges
  •  Items of historical interest related to the Age of Sail
  1. Posts will only be reported if they are current, i.e. if they have happened since the last issue of Despatches. At the moderators' discretion, articles may be posted which should have gone in the previous issue, but only if they are of particular interest.  
  2. Fanfiction will be subject to moderator discretion on the basis of length, lack of header info, etc. We try to be inclusive and consistent in our application of our policies, and there are no judgments made on the quality of any of the fics we link to.  
  3. Icon posts are only linked if there are more than ten icons in the post. Multi-fandom posts that are not exclusively Age of Sail are only linked if the number of AoS icons in the post is large (at moderator discretion). Right now we are not linking Pirates of the Caribbean icons; check potcicons  and elite_pirates  for all your PotC icon needs.   
  4. Strong preference will be given to links on LiveJournal; the primary exception to this is news articles and other such items of historical interest.   
  5. Want to know why your post wasn't in the latest newsletter? Read this post, which explains the policies in even more excruciating detail.
The editors watch a number of AoS-related communities for news and announcements, but if you have anything you think we might miss, feel free to post a comment at any time linking to a relevant post. The reading list for this newsletter is at reader_despatch ; comment over there if you'd like to be added to the list.

This newsletter was started by damned_colonial , while nolivingman  has lovingly maintained it for two and a half years. tootsiemuppet  has done a wonderful job looking after it from March 2008 to March 2011. The current editor is joyful_molly, who can be reached at joyful_molly (at) yahoo (dot) co.uk if you have questions/suggestions/problems/random-stuff-you-want-to-talk-about.

The community's icon was made by black_hound , and isn't it lovely?

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