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Age of Sail Fandom Despatches
The Naval Fandom Chronicles
Age of Sail Fandom Despatches #546 
30th-Mar-2016 11:14 pm

A Thing With Feathers by eglantine_br - Hornblower, G, Horatio Hornblower, Côtard.
What Can You Do When You're a Drunken Sailor? by di_daydreamer - Hornblower, no rating given, Pellew/Bracegirdle.

Son et Lumière

Mansfield Park (1983): Photo gallery by seldonp38.
Turn: Washington's Spies (2014), Season 1: Photo gallery by ctrent29.

Horatio Hornblower fanvid: Forever by marine_lapwing, Archie Kennedy, Horatio Hornblower.

Of historical interest

greatwatersblog: An unexpected find.

Miscellany and meta

Communities and challenges

following_sea: bbcphile: AU with Boaty McBoatface?
following_sea: nodbear: Follow up report ! Whales , Mids and familiar faces.
following_sea: nodbear: Midshipman Bracegirdle? a new candidate for the Indy.
following_sea: nodbear: Age of Sail writer's work in grand new form: Moby Dick Big Read.
following_sea: di_daydreamer: Greetings!
perfect_duet: lynndyre: My Old Fandom Exchange.
sparrabeth: sleepy_lotus: A Few Announcements.

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