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Age of Sail Fandom Despatches
The Naval Fandom Chronicles
Age of Sail Fandom Despatches # 398 
6th-Apr-2012 12:54 am


A Place for the Cactus by eglantine_br - Aubrey-Maturin, G, Tom and Nell Pullings.

Flowery Knickers challenge: A short contribution by nodbear - Hornblower, G, Edward P and Jacques B.
Flowery Knickers challenge: Pray You, Love, Remember by rikibeth - Hornblower, PG, Horatio Hornblower, Captain James Sawyer, Matthews.
Flowery Knickers challenge: The Topman's Talent by anteros_lmc - Hornblower, PG, Hornblower, Kennedy, Bracegirdle, O'Connor, James.
Flowery Knickers challenge: A Poem by mylodon - Hornblower.
Windfalls, Epilogue by ioanite - Hornblower, PG-13, Horatio Hornblower/Captain Amelia.
Writing Home by eglantine_br - Hornblower, G, Edrington.

Non Incantatio by secret_rage - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, R, Thistledown/Stephen Black.

A Mother's Worries by angie_white - Temeraire, PG.

Molten Gold by orlidepp - PotC, G, Jack/Will.
Metal and Words, Chapter 1/? by aletheiafelinea - PotC, PG-13, Jack Sparrow in a crowd of OCs.
A Practice in Patience, Chapter 3 by roughdrafthero - PotC, PG-13, Sparrow/Norrington.

Son et Lumière

Hornblower/Sharpe fanart: April Fool's Day by katriona_s.
Horatio Hornblower fanart: Sentimental Spring (William Bush) by katriona_s.

Of historical interest

anteros_lmc posts a preparatory sketch by J T Serres for a series of engravings of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Miscellany and meta

aletheiafelinea posts PotC Fanart Recs. Part 9, Minimalism.
esteven posts that Mr. Crowe has not forgotten a certain captain.

Communities and challenges

potc_drabbles: this week's prompt: Eavesdrop.
potc100: this week's challenge: Home.
mandc_read will be reading Blue at the Mizzen, Chapter Three this weekend.
perfect_duet: esteven posts about a Master and Commander movie commentary podcast.
following_sea: Sailors flowery unmentionables and unauthorised trousers.
following_sea: The Official Following Sea Flowery Knickers Challenge.

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